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Spring is coming! A perfect season for battle and slaughter. Like every year, the four armies are preparing for war to conquer a little hill of no strategic value... You know, the one with the picnic table on top. Line up your troops, crush your enemies and hear the lamentations of the players in this fast, violent and fun card game.
•Kharnage is a fast, fun & fighting game in a med-fan world in which you are the war chief of the mighty humans, the strong (and alcoholic) dwarves, the amazing horde of goblins, or the ferocious orcs (and their giant!).
•Your goal in Kharnage is to take control of the strategically essential, astoundingly beautiful, envy of all other nations: a hill. Yes, just a hill. Admittedly it is a nice hill. It may have a very commanding view of the surroundings, or it may not. You won't know until you get up there! To do so, you're going to have to drive off the armies of the other players by simply causing as mayhem & bloodshed as possible.
•Each turn, you choose one battle card. The player with the lowest initiative value begins &: Deploys new units & applies skills if needed, or Attacks with their army one or two of their opponents (shoot or assault) one or two times. Then the next player begins their turn. After all players have taken their turn, the player who destroyed the largest number of units wins 5 domination points, the second 3 domination points & the third 1 domination point. The last one has only their eyes for crying.
•Each time a player totally destroys an opponent army, they must yell "KHARNAGE!", loud & clear, & stomp the table. They then take a Kharnage token worth 1 domination point. The other players must cheer them on by yelling "YEAH!"; if not, they lose a Kharnage token if they have one. After four rounds, the war chief with the most domination points wins.
•2-4 Players | Ages 14+ | 20 Minutes Playing Time

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