Kirby Multi-Charmed Bracelet Set


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Unleash your Kirby fandom with this delightful 3-pack beaded bracelet set, featuring charming white bracelets adorned with beads, flowers, and a vibrant red bracelet with knotted bead accents. Each bracelet boasts captivating charms showcasing Kirby's iconic copy abilities, crafted with plastic, polyester, and zinc alloy materials for a durable yet stylish accessory set. For easy maintenance, simply wipe these charming Kirby bracelets clean with a soft cloth, preserving their vibrant appeal over numerous wearings.
•OFFICIALLY LICENSED: Rest assured of its authenticity and quality, as this Kirby 3-pack beaded bracelet set is officially licensed, a perfect choice for loyal Kirby fans looking for genuine merchandise.
•CUSTOM DESIGN: Each bracelet showcases a custom design with adorable Kirby charms, representing his various copy abilities, adding a unique touch for Kirby enthusiasts seeking distinct and charming accessories.
•3-PACK: This set includes three delightful bracelets, offering versatile wear options. Mix and match the styles or wear them together for a fun and coordinated look, enhancing your Kirby-inspired ensemble.
•HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: Made with a combination of plastic, polyester, and zinc alloy materials, these bracelets are designed to be durable, ensuring long-lasting wear and retaining their charm over time.
•CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Simply wipe these charming Kirby Copy Abilities women’s charm bracelets clean with a soft cloth for easy maintenance, keeping them looking vibrant and attractive through numerous wearings.

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