Kirby Peek-a-Boo Embroidered Hat


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Celebrate your favorite video game characters with this Kirby hat. The cap comes in blue with a wide pink brim and features cut fabric and embroidered front art of Kirby peking over the bill. Pink letters on the back spell out the character's name while images of Kirby repeat on the underside of the bill. The hat is made with high-quality polyester materials and comes with an adjustable strap. Fans of the Kirby games will love this comfy cap.
•OFFICIALLY LICENSED: This Kirby hat is officially licensed, making it a great gift for fans of the games. Show some love for your favorite video game characters with this comfortable Kirby Peekaboo cap.
•CUSTOM DESIGN: Cut fabric and embroidered art of Kirby peeking over the top of the bill decorates this cap while pink letters on the back spell out his name. Images of Kirby appear on the underside of the brim. Kirby fans will love this fun design.
•ADJUSTABLE HAT: This Kirby cap comes with a traditional adjustable feature that gives you control over the hat's fit, so Kirby fans of all shapes and sizes can celebrate their favorite video game character.
•HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: This Kirby cap is made with durable, high-quality polyester materials to help the hat stay in shape.
•CARE INSTRUCTIONS: For simple, easy care, hand wash this Kiry Peekaboo hat with cold water and lay it flat to dry.

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