KOBOLDS Ate My Baby! The Orange Book

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All hail King Torg! The cult classic, hysterical tabletop roleplaying game KOBOLDS ATE MY BABY is back in an all-new, even easier to play 25th Anniversary edition. You are a Kobold - tiny, orange, furry, silly, and destined to die in the most hysterical and horrible ways. It’s never been this fun to be so bad! All Hail King Torg! Kobolds are bad at everything they do, except for cooking. This is quite ironic since they are marvelous when cooked (especially when served with a nice dipping sauce). Kobolds are silly, chaotic and short - much like their lives - and no one really likes them very much (especially not Vor, the Big Red Angry God). In this game, you are a KOBOLD! you will most likely die a few horrible deaths. You will probably get eaten, possibly by your friends. You may be slain by Chickens. You may burn up in a town (you probably started the fire). You may even explode into tiny chaos particles after causing a paradox involving 3d6, a wizard's want, and some gas station sushi. The cult-classic, crowd-pleasing, hysterical RPG of Kobolds behaving badly is back! This new version is faster, easier, and deadlier than ever before.
•ORIGINAL BEER & PRETZELS RPG: 150+ pages of glorious John Kovalic art and silly 9th Level Games words. A perfect mix of satire and playability, Kobolds Ate My Baby! is the perfect appetizer of a roleplaying game.
•NEW STREAMLINED POLYMORPH SYSTEM: After 25 years of Kobolds being skewered, smashed, diced, blown up, and eaten, Kobolds Ate My Baby! is easier and deadlier than ever using the polymorph RPG system.
•WICKED SENSE OF HUMOR: Silly jokes abound in the joyful, cartoonish, riotous KOBOLDS ATE MY BABY! RPG in this complete RPG about little monsters behaving badly.
•ALL HAIL KING TORG!: A parody of roleplaying that got out of hand, Kobolds Ate My Baby! is a complete RPG that upends the classic formula to disastrous (and gut-busting) effect. Being cannon fodder has never been this much fun!

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