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Humanity yearns for the stars and the race to explore is in full swing! New research has refined techniques to send astronauts into space. With everyone wanting to claim their spot in history and start the golden age of space exploration, you must make strategic choices to outwit your opponents. Compete against other agencies to hire the best specialists and use your Agency funds to upgrade your rocket to tackle more ambitious missions. Will you win the race to the stars?
•The year is 1957, and the Space Race is on! Technology advancements have led to better, more efficient rockets, allowing astronauts to thrive in space and explore more of the cosmos.
•Lift Off puts you at the head of a fledgling space agency with dreams of taking the lead in the vast frontier of outer space, but other players will compete with you at every turn for the engineers and scientists you will need to make your agency succeed.
•Develop the technologies and build the rockets necessary to launch ever more ambitious missions and work toward your classified objectives. Send up the first satellites, mine minerals from asteroids, build an orbital trading post, or land on a new planet, but be sure you don't overspend.
•Only the most savvy director will pioneer humanity's path to the stars and assure their place in the history books!
•2-4 Players | Ages 12+ | 30 Minutes Playing Time Per Player

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