Lord of the Rings LCG: The Fate of Wilderland Adventure Pack

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The fate of Wonderland is the sixth and final adventure pack in the reinforced mithrin cycle for the Lord of the Rings: The Card Game. You believed that your quest was over. Your mission should be Complete, with both your party and wilderland safe at last, but in a move long-planned, urdug has returned with an army of goblins to lay claim to gundabad and the dragon's hoard. Goblins swarm up the mountain slope, surrounding your party, and you have no choice but to fight to keep them back. While you desperately attempt to hold back the swarm, this pack's new i Star I hero and new player cards can provide you with the additional strength you need to survive the battle and return peace to Wonderland once and for all!
•The sixth adventure pack in the reinforced mithrin Cycle for the Lord of the Rings: The card game
•Defend the mountain Stronghold of gundabad from a Goblin Army as they seek to reclaim the mountain and the dragon's treasure
•New hero and player cards enable new decks built around the I Star I trait
•Officially licensed

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