Lost Explorers Board Game

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BREAKING NEWS! A lost world has been discovered and clues leading to its secret entrance have been disseminated all around the globe. Your goal? Find them! Driven only by your courage, you decide to track down these clues and launch a worldwide expedition but, beware! You're not the only one on this quest…
•STRATEGY GAME: Lost Explorers has you globetrotting in order to find a grand hidden city. As you play, you’ll need to balance between using your resources to travel to destinations or find clues to help you diver the location of the city.
•READY TO PLAY: Lost Explorers’ unique box design allows you to flip open the lid and be nearly instantly ready to play. Not only does it benefit setup, but it also is a great for organization as you play.
•DECEPTIVELY SIMPLE: Turns in Lost Explorers feels simple, just take tokens or play them, but where you go to explore, and whether you use tokens to travel or discover clues, lead to lots of possibilities on your turn.
•NUMBER OF PLAYERS AND AVERAGE PLAYTIME: Lost Explorers is a strategy game for 2 to 4 players and takes 35 minutes to play.

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