Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game: The Cataclysm of Kang

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The call has gone out for heroes everywhere to defeat the malicious machinations of Kang the Conqueror! 'THE CATACLYSM OF KANG' will take characters from Hell’s Kitchen, to a reality where Hydra runs the world, to a chase across time! In these six adventures, players can choose new heroes each time or form a campaign that takes them from street-level heroes to cosmic champions! Featuring an all-star cast of writers, 'THE CATACLYSM OF KANG' is written by Matt Forbeck (Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game lead writer), B. Dave Walters (Dungeons & Dragons: A Darkened Wish, Into the Mother Lands lead designer), Elisa Teague (Transformers Roleplaying Game, Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything), Jesse Scoble (Silver Age Sentinels, A Game of Thrones RPG), Devinder Thiara (Conan: Shining Kingdoms—Dowry of the Peacock Seal, Dune: Masters of Dune) and Marty Forbeck (Shotguns & Sorcery: The 5E Sourcebook). It also features dozens of new Super Heroes to play as and new art by Sean Izaaske, Paco Medina and Ruairí Coleman.
•Kang the Conqueror crosses the Multiverse to find the greatest weapon in any reality, and only your Super Heroes can stop him!
•Written by d616 System co-creator and New York Times Best Seller Matt Forbeck (The Marvel Encyclopedia, Dungeons & Dragons: Dungeonology) and packed with illustrations by Marvel's incredible army of artists, THE CATACLYSM OF KANG features a series of six linked adventures, one for each Rank of characters, 1 through 6.
•Play through with a new team each time, or form a campaign that takes players from street-level heroes to cosmic champions!
•The book also includes dozens of brand-new character profiles for use in your game.
•Your adventures in the Marvel Multiverse start now!

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