Masters of Renaissance Board Game

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In Masters of Renaissance: Lorenzo il Magnifico The Card Game, players will find interesting and challenging decisions to be made in a straight forward ruleset. As the leader of their noble family in the Renaissance period, players must earn prestige and honor through their actions. They take resources from the market to buy new cards, expand their power, and make sure to pay tribute to the church. With careful gameplay and wise decisions, players will help their family climb the social ladder to become the most respected in Florence. The player with the most prestige wins the game.
•Recreating a Classic - Masters of Renaissance turns recreates the Lorenzo il Magnifico board game experience as a card game.
•Simple Rules - The easy to learn and simplified rules create an accessible game full of strategic decisions.
•Unique Market - The market board with marbles offers a unique, tactile, and interesting way to gain resources.
•Number Of Players: 1 To 4

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