Maul Peak Board Game – An Asymmetric Tactics Game

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MAUL PEAK - Billowing Smoke From the North! As battles wage through Skulk Hollow, a thick, dark, haze appears around Maul Peak. The smell of war wafts down through the valley as clouds of wrath engulf towns and villages. As fate spreads the smoke far and wide, destruction follows. A foxen scout, their fastest, is hastily dispatched to learn more... Maul Peak is a two-player, asymmetric, tactical combat game in which players take the roles of either a tribe of bears or a towering behemoth of a Guardian. Maul Peak is a standalone sequel to the original game Skulk Hollow, and all Guardians / Heroes can be pitted against each other. All new guardians work with the original Foxen Heroes & Map, Bears vs old Guardians, Bears vs new Guardians — you name it! Combining the two games also allows up to 4 players to pit 2 guardians vs both bear and foxen heroes for Epic Battles.
•Battle as the powerful Grizzar bears or a massive Guardian! One vs. many asymmetric combat creates a fresh, fun, 2-player experience.
•Not only does the battle occur on the Kingdom board, but the bears must traverse a full size, Guardian gameboard. Each guardian has unique routes and abilities to stop the Grizzar.
•Dual-purpose cards give players a wide range of movement and ability powers while keeping them quick to pick and easy to play.
•Can be combined with Skulk Hollow to allow 3 or 4 players, as well as a varied game experience.
•2 Players / Ages 12+ / 40 Minutes

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