Memoir '44: Eastern Front Expansion

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From the frozen shores of Lake Ladoga to the burning ruins of Stalingrad, relive some of the most intense battles of World War II, where entire Army groups disappeared faster than a single battalion on the beaches of Normandy. Memoir '44: Eastern Front brings you to the front lines of the ferocious battles that pit the Axis and Soviet forces against each other. This product is an expansion: Memoir '44 base game required to play.
•INTENSE EASTERN FRONT BATTLES: Step into the heart of World War II's Eastern Front, from the freezing Lake Ladoga to the fiery ruins of Stalingrad, in the Memoir '44: Eastern Front Expansion.
•AXIS VS. SOVIET CONFLICT: Relive the ferocious clashes between Axis and Soviet forces, where the fate of entire Army groups hung in the balance.
•HISTORICAL REALISM: Immerse yourself in historically accurate battles, where strategies and tactics are as crucial as ever.
•EXPANSION CONTENT: This expansion pack introduces new scenarios, units, and challenges to expand your Memoir '44 experience.
•BASE GAME REQUIRED: Please note that this is an expansion, and the Memoir '44 base game is required to enjoy the Eastern Front Expansion.

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