MetaZoo TCG: Cryptid Nation - Salamander Queen Flame Tribal Theme Deck (2E)


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To say that Flame Salamanders that dwell in Water and Forests are a confusing bunch is an understatement. Who better to lead these Beastie enigmas than the Salamander Queen, a Fire Elemental turn sympathetic to these little Cryptids? She makes an effort to show them "they way," and is more than willing to form an uneasy alliance with Casters like you to this end...
•Watch your opponents burn out as they try to keep your flames at bay with the MetaZoo Salamander Queen Flame Tribal Theme Deck!
•2nd Edition
•Contains 39 pages (cards) / 1 Sealed Holographic Promo Card / 1 Metallic Coin / 1 Rulebook / 1 Booster Pack
•2-4 Players | Ages 13+ | 20-60 Minutes Playing Time

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