Monumental: African Empire Expansion


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MONUMENTAL: AFRICAN EMPIRES EXPANSION - On top of introducing 3 new Civilizations, each with their own gameplay specialties, African Empires is fully-loaded with new exclusive mechanics that enhance the base game to a whole new level of strategy, making it a must-have for the game's biggest fans. African Empires is an expansion to the acclaimed hit board game, Monumental. The Monumental base game is required to play. Monumental is a next generation civilization game by Matthew Dunstan, packed with innovative mechanics taking the best of deckbuilding and 4X games. PLAY SOLO OR UP TO 5 PLAYERS, ages 10, 90-120 minutes. Infuse your games of Monumental with Africa's cultural might! Change the way you play Monumental through this second expansion!
•SIMULTANEOUS PLAY: no downtime between turns. Play Monumental in a different way! Reshape your game experience for good!
•3 NEW CIVILIZATIONS TO PLAY WITH: the Malians, the Zulu and the Aksumites. Rekindle the glory of African civilizations!
•NEW MECHANICS: Trade, Complementary modes, New cards and effects.
•9 NEW MAPS: modular boards with adjustable difficulty.
•EXPANSION: This is an expansion a copy of the base game is required to play.

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