Mr. Lovenstein Presents: No Context

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MR. LOVENSTEIN PRESENTS: NO CONTEXT - Skybound Tabletop - In No Context, you'll be making connections using random art from the fabulous Mr. Lovenstein. Lead your opponents to guess your card while deducing your opponent's cards before your rivals. Take Risks and score big or play it safe and bide your time! Game Design: Banana Chan & Jason Slingerland. Art: J.L. Westover. Party Game for 2-6 Players. 20-30 Minute Playing Time. Suitable for ages 13 and up.
•A party game designed by Banana Chan and Jason Slingerland and featuring the art of J.L. Westover, friend of Skybound, and prolific webcomic auteur aka MR LOVENSTEIN!
•2-6 players race to guess their opponents’ secret panel from a lineup, while trying to get at least one other player to guess their own using only absurd 2- sided comics panels as clues.
•Think of this game as Joking Hazard meets Dixit. You’re going to be having serious conversations about how “thicc squirrel” was supposed to lead you to “Giraffe with a Gun” not “King Raccoon.”
•2-6 Players | Ages 13+ | 20-30 Minutes Playing Time

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