Munchkin Tails (3rd printing)

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Cute animals have always been popular. (Admit it – you love them.) Now you can bring them into the dungeon, fighting off foes like the Human Rights Activist, the Robot Vacuum, or even the feared Animal Control Enforcer. Use a Tail Flail or a Cone of Defiance as you work to be the first of your species to reach Level 10!
•Munchkin has gone to the dogs . . . plus foxes, mice, and ponies!
•This set is perfect for new Munchkin fans but also blends perfectly well with original Munchkin or any other fantasy set.
•Anthropomorphic backstabbing fun!
•3-6 Players | Ages 10+ | 1-2 Hours Playing Time
•3-6 Players | Ages 10+ | 1-2 Hours Playing Time

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