Mutants & Masterminds (Third Edition) RPG: Threat Report

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The Silver Storm has turned Emerald City from a quiet Pacific Northwest metropolis to a hub of super-criminal activity, and AEGIS—the American Elite Government Intervention Service—is on the job. Threat Report presents profiles on dozens of the new supervillains endangering Emerald City and the world. From "stormers" newly granted their powers to ancient and eldritch evils, from beneath Emerald City's streets to other dimensions and times, Threat Report gives you a plethora of villains to challenge your players. This book compiles most of Green Ronin's Threat Report series of electronic villain profiles, along with new content created just for this collection. You'll find a variety of villains ready-made for your Mutants & Masterminds game, from low-level mercenaries for hire to super-powered thugs and cosmic world-beaters, even gods pulling the strings from behind the scenes. Heroes get ready because the villains of Emerald City are on the loose!
•SOLOS! Diverse solo super-villains, from sneak-thieves like the minuscule Mosquito to the towering Redwood, foe of all who would espoil the Earth!
•MASTERMINDS! From the dimension-spanning evil of Professor Zed to the alchemical Doctor Azoth and the sinister saurian Cerebrus Rex, your heroes can match wits with the greatest criminals, schemers and masterminds!
•TEAMS! Pit your hero team against the likes of the madcap Looking-Glass Gang, the otherwordly Starbreed, or the technological Cybertribe.
•ADVENTURES! Each villain or team comes with at least two adventure hooks to inspire ideas on using them in your games, plus several have detailed adventure outlines, often allowing you to cross-over and combine villain appearances.
•Threat Report compiles villains from the popular weekly online series from Green Ronin Publishing with the addition of new material and never-before-seen characters.

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