Nightmare Before Christmas Card Game | Tactical Game with Unique Character Decks

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The Nightmare Before Christmas is a quick-playing, tactical card game where players choose to play as one of the film’s iconic characters: Jack, Sally, Santa Claus, Oogie Boogie, Dr Finkelstein or The Mayor as they try to create the most magical holiday. Over the course of four rounds, players will play cards to collect the most “Holiday tokens”. Players will need to place their cards thoughtfully and strategically in the right locations to secure their victory! Since each character deck has a unique play style, players will be excited to play the game over and over again.
•ICONIC CHARACTERS: Step into the world of The Nightmare Before Christmas with characters like Jack, Sally, Santa Claus, and more!
•TACTICAL GAMEPLAY: Engage in quick-paced tactical card battles across 4 exciting rounds to secure your holiday victories.
•COLLECT HOLIDAY TOKENS: Play strategically to gather the most "Holiday tokens" by placing cards in the right locations.
•UNIQUE CHARACTER DECKS: Each character, from Oogie Boogie to The Mayor, boasts a distinctive deck style, ensuring endless replayability.
•FESTIVE FUN: Experience the magic of the beloved movie as you compete for holiday triumph in this engaging board game.

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