Nintendo Legend of Zelda Master Sword Hanayama Brain Teaser

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The Master Sword comes to life in the Legend of Zelda Master Sword level 6 brain teaser. Repel evil and decipher the intricate twisting mechanism binding the Master Sword to its stone pedestal. Will the Sword accept you as The Master? Patience and determination will guide you through the trial-and-error challenges, allowing you to free it. A hero who has gone through great trials that test his courage, wisdom and power find themselves worthy of wielding it. The Legend of Zelda Master Sword level 6 brain teaser is connected to the stone pedestal with a central cylindrical piece. Solving the puzzle involves pulling the sword out by rotating the cylindrical piece. Patience is the key as you will need to solve it by trial and error! Once you take the Master Sword apart, use your wisdom and goodness to put the Hyrule back together! Mensa rated level 6. Hanayama of Japan, maker of the world's finest cast puzzles, chooses from designs by master puzzle inventors for their challenging line of cast metal brainteaser puzzles. Hanayama are known for their extreme attention to detail, high finish quality, and creative, clever and innovative styles in six degrees of difficulty from easy to expert. Complete the first task of taking the puzzle pieces apart, then try to figure out how to get them back together and return the puzzle to its original state. Can you take it apart? Now try and put it back together!
•Unlock the power of Hyrule with the Legend of Zelda Master Sword brain teaser
•CHALLENGING ENTERTAINMENT: Enjoy hours of stimulating entertainment with this Mensa-rated brainteaser, perfect for individuals seeking a mental challenge.
•PREMIUM QUALITY: Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this collectible item is made with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity.
•IDEAL FOR DISPLAY: Elevate the aesthetics of your shelf or desk with this elegant and eye-catching collectible, sure to be a conversation starter.
•EXPAND YOUR COLLECTION: Collect them all to create a unique and diverse assortment of brainteasers, each offering a different level of difficulty and visual appeal.

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