Oath: Chronicles of Empire & Exile

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Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile is a one to six player strategy board game where players will guide the course of history in an ancient land. They might attempt to bolster the power of the Chancellor or scheme to bring the kingdom to ruin. The consequences of one game will ripple through those that follow, changing what resources and actions future players may have at their disposal and even altering the game's core victory condition. This edition does not include the Deluxe Components or Chronicle Journal from the Kickstarter edition.
•In Oath, one to six players will guide the history of an ancient land.
•Get playing fast - If you don't like reading rules up front, our card-based setup and quickstart walkthrough will get you started.
•An expansive and immersive world - Oath has hundreds of cards with unique art and abilities that present surprising strategic options to even the most savvy player.
•Oath remembers - Every game at Oath is linked together in an ever-evolving campaign that supports multiple playgroups. Each player at the table has the power to change the course of history. Build great monuments, and then watch them fall into ruin in generations to come.
•1-6 Players | Ages 10+ | 45-150 Minutes Playing Time

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