Oceans Expansion: Legends of the Deep

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Legends of the Deep is an expansion to Oceans that disrupts the stability of the scientific ecosystem by introducing cultural mythology and fantasy from around the globe. Legend cards grant powerful benefits, such as affecting all of your species or even impacting the entire ecosystem. Make major changes in strategy, create new powerful combos, and disrupt the stability of the ecosystem right from the start of the game. Discover fantasy and mythology, illustrated by artists from around the world, and make your game of Oceans the stuff of legends.
•Bringing myths and cultural legends into the Oceans ecosystem.
•In Legends of the Deep, an expansion to Oceans, all players gain legendary cards at the beginning of each game.
•These cards have global powers that can give dramatic benefits to all of your species, or terrible detriments to your opponents.
•You need to own Oceans to use this expansion.
•2-6 Players | Ages 12+ | 60 Minutes Playing Time

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