One Deck Galaxy Cooperative Card Game

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One Deck Galaxy is the spacefaring successor to One Deck Dungeon. Your goal is simple: build up your civilization from its humble homeworld, growing to create a Federation spanning countless star systems. You'll need to establish colonies, develop techs, launch probes, build fleets, all done by cleverly using your dice and focusing your efforts on what you deem most important. Standing between you and your cosmic destiny each game is one of several Adversaries. You'll have to split your efforts between growing your own strength and confronting them directly. Every Adversary has its own set of rules and abilities, and you'll need to come up with different clever plans to defeat each one!
•Take a journey to the stars in One Deck Galaxy, our sci-fi followup to One Deck Dungeon!
•Build up a newly starfaring civilization from one homeworld to an epic Federation, all while confronting a challenging Adversary.
•Its multi-use cards represent both encounters/locations and the technologies, colonies, or research you can acquire from them.
•You'll have to cleverly plan how to assign your efforts in order to maximize your people's potential.
•1-2 Players | Ages 14+ | 45-60 Minutes Playing Time

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