Orc Borg (MORK BORG Compatible)

Rowan, Rook and DecardSKU: RRD070100

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The DERELICT is a great big beautiful trash rocket smashing through space and it is jam-packed with ORCS, generations upon generations of them, sporing and scrapping, building murderous idols to their mad gods, and praying for DOOM when the Derelict will crash into heaven and disgorge every dead-hard big-toothed bastard in a glorious tide of violence.
•Everything you need to make a crazed alien warrior determined to punch their way to Armageddon
•Rules for piloting, fighting and stealing legendary Big Robots such as BANG TEN THOUSAND, MASSIVE PROBLEM, and RUST BITCH
•Two types of space magic: runic TECHNOWIZARDRY and good old-fashioned YELL PRAYERS
•A D12 weapon table we stretched out to four pages so we could draw the weapons really big
•Written by Grant Howitt and illustrated by ROLLINKUNZ, ORC BORG is loud, over-the-top and obnoxious. It uses the MÖRK BORG rules-set to make easy-to-run game set in the chaotic Derelict, and includes (but is not limited to):

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