Original Cheesehead YOUTH Hat


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Put on the world famous Cheesehead hat and show your love of everything Wisconsin... especially cheese! Invented in 1987 by Ralph Bruno on the South side of Milwaukee, Cheeseheads are now proudly worn in every U.S. State and in 30 countries around the world. A must have for every true Green Bay Packers fan or proud Wisconsin Cheesehead. Cheeseheads are the perfect gift for friends or co-workers that want to show their Cheesehead pride, and are a must-have when attending the big game at Lambeau Field. Youth sized Cheesehead measures 11" on each side, one size fits all. The Cheesehead® is a featured product within the Cheesehead® Brand of Products, wholly owned by Foamation, Inc. The image used herein is (used with permission) (used under license). Made in the USA.
•Original cheesehead Brand by foam at I on

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