Panzer Expansion #2: The Final Forces on the Eastern Front (2nd Printing)

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Panzer Expansion Nr2 introduces urban warfare to the game with its two cityscape geomorphic mapboards. Now you can slug it out in the close confines where infantry ruled the day. It is nothing short of a tanker's nightmare, where house-to-house action unfolds in the twisting and turning streets - and danger lurks in every alleyway and around every corner. The Reference and Scenario book includes seven historical scenarios that covers the range of action on the Eastern Front between German and Soviet forces including battles set in 1941, as well as later war actions.
•This expansion set completes the German and Soviet forces with focus on the early war, some less common, and Soviet Lend-Lease units.
•Includes TO&Es for two of the more notable Soviet formations to employ Lend-Lease forces – the 18th Tank Corps (July 1943) and the 1st Guards Mechanized Corps (January 1945).
•Also included are the next two geomorphic mapboards for expanded play and many more battle combinations.
•NOTE ON 2ND PRINTING: This edition will be identical to the first printing. As usual, we'll fix any known errata when we print.
•2+ Players | Ages 14+

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