Panzer: North Africa Board Game

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The Panzers Roll...into the desert! The mystical desert sands are mesmerizing even for the most battle-hardened veteran. Poised in your turret, you glance at the barren landscape, fondly recalling the lush, green fields of France. With only the whisper of the hot wind to keep you company, your mind drifts to that Bedouin proverb, “Only in complete silence, will you hear the desert.”
•The game of small unit actions and combined arms operations in the North African Desert from mid-1940 to late-1942.
•Panzer North Africa is designer James Day's newest game in his acclaimed Panzer system of World War II small-formation armored and infantry combat.
•Now players can take command of armored formations of German, Italian, or British forces and refight key engagements in the North African desert from mid-1940 to late 1942.
•For Panzer veterans and newcomers alike, this stand-alone game requires no previous ownership of other games or modules in the Panzer series.
•2+ Players | Ages 14+ | 1+ Hours Playing Time

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