Paranormal Detectives

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You are a ghost, floating in the air looking at your own body. Avenge your death by trying to communicate what happened to you to the paranormal detectives who have a vision of your body! Do so by arranging a hangmans knot, point at letters on a talking board, draw images by holding the hand of a detective or many other forms of interactions.
•IMMERSIVE INVESTIGATION: Dive into the world of the supernatural with Paranormal Detectives! Take on the roles of gifted detectives and communicate with restless spirits to uncover the truth behind baffling cases.
•UNIQUE INTERACTION: Engage in a thrilling form of gameplay, where the detectives must use innovative tools like ghost cards and a special ghost-to-spirit board to communicate with the deceased victims and decipher their cryptic messages.
•CHALLENGING PUZZLES: Solve a series of intricate puzzles and riddles to reconstruct the events leading to each victim's demise. Use your wits and intuition to gather clues, as the spirits can only respond with yes or no answers.
•VARIED GAME MODES: Explore multiple game modes, including cooperative, competitive, and team vs. team. Each mode offers a unique experience, encouraging cooperation or sparking rivalry among players.
•CAPTIVATING NARRATIVE: Immerse yourself in a gripping storyline as you work to unveil the hidden truths and bring closure to restless souls. Can you communicate with the beyond and solve the paranormal mysteries?

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