Patchwork Express Board Game

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Simpler than Patchwork - if you can believe it! Everything is smaller in this Patchwork spin-off for young and old. The boards are smaller, there are fewer tiles to place, and the game takes even less time than Patchwork. The tiles size is larger so the tiles are easy to grab and read. Plus, Patchwork Express is at least as fun as its big brother! Due to the decreased complexity of the tiles, filling your board completely has become so much easier.
•SIMPLER THAN THE ORIGINAL PATCHWORK GAME: With smaller boards, fewer tiles to place, and faster gameplay, filling your board has become so much easier. Tiles are larger and less complex, making them easy to grab and read.
•QUILT MAKING PUZZLE GAME: Patchwork is a wonderful board game that captures the magic of needlework and sewing fabric together into designs. Each player works to create a beautiful patchwork quilt out of the available patches.
•STRATEGY GAME: Working with the patches they receive, players compete to build the most aesthetic quilt possible on their game board. Players never know what patch they’ll be able to claim, so they must carefully lay out their board.
•FAMILY FUN: Parents and kids will love competing to build a beautiful quilt in this easy to learn game.
•NUMBER OF PLAYERS AND AVERAGE PLAYTIME: This board game for adults and family can be played with 2 players ages 6 and older. The average playtime is 20 minutes.

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