Petrichor: Cows Expansion

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Cows enriches the Petrichor base game by bringing new action, a new climate mechanic, a fresh set of crop tiles and of course Cows and their byproducts - Manure and Methane Gas! The expansion adds 21 cards, 12 plastic crystals, 2 wooden cow pieces, 4 cardboard tiles, 1 cardboard game board and over 20 tokens and markers to the Petrichor base game.
•Move cows, produce manure, manipulate methane crystals and affect the world's climate with the new Graze Action.
•Track the climate and related events on the new Climate Board.
•Play with a whole new set of Climate Sensitive Trees: The Norway Spruce, The Date Pal, The Sweet Chestnut, The Baobab.
•1-4+ Players | Ages 10+ | 25 Minutes Playing Time Per Person

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