PicTwist: Bob Ross | Twist, Move, and Swap Tiles to Complete The Image

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Plan, position, and win in this puzzle game of speed and strategy! In PicTwist: Bob Ross, the scenic landscapes from The Joy of Painting have been scrambled up, appearing upside down, sideways, and out of order. Put your planning skills to the test with Action Cards to race against other players and reconstruct his works of art. Be the first one to correctly restore your painting to win!
•Twist, move, and swap tiles to complete the images featuring Bob Ross paintings such as The Old Mill, Red Sunset, and Christmas Eve Snow
•Family puzzle game where you must rearrange jumbled tiles to form a complete image - fast, fun gameplay perfect for the whole family
•HOW TO PLAY - Players uncover their jumbled pieces and plan how they want to rearrange the tiles using action cards. First player to complete their moves then flips the sand timer for the remaining players. Once time is up, players resolve the images
•Includes 5 Double-Sided Reference Cards, 45 Doubled-Sided Puzzle Tiles, 5 Design Frames, 50 Action Cards, 1 Sand Timer, and 1 Rulebook
•Players 1-5 | Ages 8+ | 15+ Min Play Time

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