Plunderbund Board Game

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Plunderbund combines the innate corruption and profiteering of prohibition Chicago and the lawlessness of the fantasy setting, the Sprawl. It`s an era before cell phones, e-commerce and customer relationship management tools, an honest guild had to get business the hard way: thieving, sorcery, money laundering and bribery. Each player will lead a guild with the power to decide where your finite resources are invested.
•Play the role of a Guild Leader attempting to become the boss of bosses and rule the black market in the Sprawl.
•You get your guild to act by taking favors, these favors are the cost of doing business in the Sprawl.
•As you build your engine, demand coins are added to merchants, giving you a chance to place agents who win demand coins through sometimes fierce competitions and to place racketeers who extort demand coins from merchants
•You can't win a sales competition and earn reputation unless you have black market goods, your engine building drives up the number of black market goods you can earn each season.
•2-5 Players | Ages 13+ | 30 Minutes Per Player

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