Pocket Detective Season 1 Card Game - Solve Intriguing Mysteries Anywhere!

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In the Pocket Detective series, players solve complex cases as investigators. Choose cards to gather clues, interrogate suspects, and make arrests. Season 1 offers three cooperative cases for 1-6 players, aged 10+, testing your deduction skills in scenarios like "Murder at the University" and "Time is Running Out."
•PORTABLE INVESTIGATION: Carry the thrill of detective work in your pocket! Pocket Detective: Season 1 is a compact and captivating game that allows you to solve intriguing mysteries on the go.
•IMMERSIVE STORIES: Immerse yourself in three gripping cases, each with its unique storyline and challenges. Follow the clues, question suspects, and uncover hidden secrets to crack the cases wide open.
•SINGLE-PLAYER ADVENTURE: Enjoy a solo detective experience where you take on the role of the investigator. No need for a game master; immerse yourself fully in the engaging narratives.
•INNOVATIVE CARD SYSTEM: Unveil the mysteries by using the innovative card-based investigation system. Each card reveals clues, events, and suspects, guiding you through the investigation.
•1-6 Players | Ages 14+ | 60 Minutes Playing Time

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