Prelude to Revolution: Russia's Descent into Anarchy 1905-1917

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The Russian Revolution was one of the most consequential events of the 20th century – it saw the downfall of the last autocratic monarchy in modern times, led to the advent of the Soviet Union, and created to social and political platform which gave us Josef Stalin, GULAGs, and the Cold War. But those critical days in 1917 were the culmination of over a decade of political, social, and ideological conflict in Russia.
•Prelude to Revolution: Russia’s Descent into Anarchy, 1905-1917 is a two-player card-driven game that immerses players in those turbulent years.
•The players (the Revolutionary and the Government) try to spread their influence across the capital, sway the masses, workers and soldiers to their cause, and build grass-roots organizations.
•They will fight bitter political battles in the Duma (parliament) – both against their opponent and between the Moderate and Extreme parties in their own Faction! All the while world events such as WWI will drive events, and the ever-growing threat of outright revolution looms as time goes on.
•Can you navigate the competing pressures and priorities and lead your Faction to victory?
•2 Players | 3 Hours Playing Time

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