Pusheen Kigurumi Hooded One Piece Zip-up Costume, One Size

Isaac MorrisSKU: PU6M0014HC

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When it comes to the miracle of the internet, we’re gonna just go out on a limb and say it. One of the best things that this modern marvel has brought into our lives is the daily joy that comes in the form of a chubby, furry, purry cat gif. It’s so simple! The animations often hardly even move. (What can you really expect from a kitty that puts Garfield's chubby physique to shame? Still, the ability to offer up any emotion plus a cute cat face? Priceless. And, we know we’re not alone. Look at the runaway Internet fame of LOLCats? You've heard them. The whole I can haz cheezeburger guys? Grumpy Cat has its own Twitter feed and is on the verge of obtaining its own verified check mark! Of course, our personal favorite has to be Pusheen. This cartoon cat is the definitive beginning and end of the animated gif, combining everyone's two favorite things: cartoons and kittehs.
•This Pusheen Cat Kigurumi costume combines ultra-comfortable pajamas with our favorite Internet sensation.
•The exterior of the outfit is designed to look just like Pusheen Cat, complete with his little kitty mouth and wide eyes on the hood.
•The back has a pair of dark gray stripes and there's even a tiny little tail dangling from the back.
•The pajama costume fits with a zipper in the front, so it's easy to put on and take off.
•One size fits most (unisex)

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