Race to the New Found Land

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Daring sailors risk life and limb to journey across the vast Atlantic Ocean, discovering a giant island off the coast of North America: the New Found Land. Now, the mightiest nations of western Europe are competing for the riches of this new region as everyone scrambles to stake their claim. Your efficiency and ingenuity will be your greatest assets as you move settlers, sell valuable cargo, and discover new resources in the race to become the most influential power in this burgeoning new land.
•EXPLORE VAST ISLANDS: Journey across Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and Prince Edward Island in this thrilling age of discovery board game.
•BUILD YOUR FLEET: Recruit skilled captains and construct a powerful fleet to secure wealth and dominance for your nation.
•GATHER SUPPLIES AND DELIVER: Strategically gather valuable cargo, fill delivery orders, and complete goals to outpace your competitors.
•STAKE YOUR CLAIM: Compete against mighty nations of western Europe, showcasing your efficiency and ingenuity in the race for riches.
•BECOME A POWERFUL INFLUENCE: Show your prowess as you move settlers, uncover new resources, and become the most influential force in the New Found Land.

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