Red Dragon Inn: Allies - Ohara vs. Murgath

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One is an aged grand cleric in service of the Great Divines (the good gods), who are just as fickle and varied as their mortal followers (if not more so!) The other is a self-absorbed, ruthless warlord who picked up a holy sword and now hes stuck with it no matter how many of his schemes it foils. The Grand Cleric Ohava and vile blackguard Murgath join the party in our next exciting expansion: The Red Dragon Inn: Ohava vs. Murgath!
•Officially Licensed
•2-5 Players | Ages 12+ | 20-30 Minutes Playing Time Per Player
•Includes custom Player Mats and Deck Dividers for use with The Red Dragon Inn 5: The Character Trove! Also includes cards for playing as Murgath in a Boss Battle!
•PLEASE NOTE: You will need a Drink Deck from another Red Dragon Inn product to play

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