Rommel in the Desert

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Rommel in the desert is a fast-moving, challenging, tense, and playable wargame based on the North Africa desert campaign of World War II. This campaign is noted for its brilliant generalship, bold maneuvers, and wild swings of fortune. Seven scenarios are included: the 1940 Italian Campaign, the 1941 and 1942 standard games, and the 1941/42 campaign game. All are playable in a single evening. The Crusader and Bazala battles, and the Axis pursuit into Egypt after the fall of Tobruk in '42, leading up to the decisive Battle of El Alamein are covered in three short scenarios.
•The new edition of our classic WWII North Africa Campaign wargame contains revised rules, mapboard, and blocks with outstanding artwork. Plays in 3-8 hours.
•Rommel in the Desert simulates the experience of command. The real problems of generals have nothing to do with shuffling combat factors to get a perfect 3-1 attack while the enemy waits passively to be overwhelmed. Rommel gained many of his victories by employing speed, daring, and surprise.
•In this game, as in the desert campaign, the events of the battlefield are often subordinate to the battle of wits and nerves between opposing commanders. A good grasp of strategy will help, but foresight, nerve, and instinct are the crucial elements of success.
•2 Players | Ages 14+ | 3-6 Hours Playing Time

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