Samurai Sword: Rising Sun Expansion

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The struggle between the Shogun and Ninjas has come to a turning point. Will the noble Samurai continue to protect the Empire at the cost of their lives, now that the fates of two Ronin are intertwined in their battle for Honor? Who will seize power in the land of the Rising Sun? Featuring valiant warriors, powerful weapons, and new cards to take your game to the cutting edge!
•Samurai Sword - Rising Sun is the highly anticipated expansion for Samurai Sword, the card game that recalls the mechanics of the famous BANG! but this time set in the world of the Samurai Must be played in conjunction with the base game
•Suitable for fans of the era of the Rising Sun, populated by Ninja and Samurai
•Brave new warriors, powerful new weapons, and tons of new cards in an expansion by the sword!
•Three new rules, additional tokens, and new roles for up to eight players
•With the new Property cards, let the Farmer save your life or play a Counterattack to an opponent's attack precicely slamming the card on the table!

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