Shadowrun: Astral Ways (Sixth World Setting Book)

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Do you have heart? Courage? The ability to remain unfazed in the face of the incredibly bizarre? Then the metaplanes are waiting for you. Gateways to different metaplanes have appeared across the Sixth World, opening travel to a wider range of people than before. That means there are more chances to encounter strange spirits, weird artifacts, and other people exploring what is out there. Intrepid runners might be able to uncover clues to some of the deeper mysteries bedeviling the Sixth World. With vivid descriptions and details on a variety of metaplanes, as well as advice on exploring them, Astral Ways is an exciting metaplanar setting book for Shadowrun, Sixth World.
•Previous Shadowrun books, including Cutting Black, Slip Streams, and The Third Parallel, have introduced plot machinations occurring in Sixth World metaplanes.
•Astral Ways moves some of those plotlines forward by bringing shadowrunners into the metaplanes and giving them a chance to explore wild new areas.
•For anyone looking to add a new twist to their Shadowrun game and also get a chance to uncover some deep mysteries, Astral Ways has the necessary details!

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