Shadowrun: Edge Zone - Magic

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The opposition is going to make its play. They'll throw critters, security goons, even gangers at you. You'll respond with whatever you have - an array of runners, explosive spells, deadly spirits, and tricks you can employ to get the upper hand. This remastering of the classic Shadowrun collectible card game from the late 1990s updates the graphics, rules, and art while putting hundreds of cards into each of the available two boxes so players can quickly customize their decks and hit the shadows! Recruit runners, gear 'em up, put obstacles in your opponents' way, and defeat challenges on your own. Use your customized deck to be the first to make the big score and win the game!
•Edge Zone is the Shadowrun upgradable card game that lets you build your team, gear them up, and see what they can handle.
•The MAGIC box emphasizes the magic, spellcasting, and summoning side of the game, with enough cards to allow two players to build decks and get running.
•Even better, combine this with the MAYHEM deck to let you and your friends fully customize your build and unleash some Sixth World mayhem!
•2-6 Players | Ages 13+ | 30-120 Minutes Playing Time

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