Sherlock: Case Connection

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Sherlock: Case Connection is a competitive puzzle game of collecting sets of cards and making connections between them. You will play as detectives solving criminal cases. In order to catch the culprit, you have to connect them with the right evidence and clues discovered by Sherlock Holmes. Will you follow in the master's footsteps as you unravel the villains' nefarious plans and become the best detectives in the world? If you have enough determination, who knows... you may even surpass Sherlock himself!
•In Sherlock: Case Connection you are a detective investigating a crime.
•Collect proof, make connections between threads, and use this evidence to reconstruct the leads that you are pursuing.
•Solve the nefarious plots that Sherlock has discovered as you strive to become the world's next greatest detective.
•Stay determined and you might even overcome the master himself!
•2-4 Players | Ages 8+ | 30 Minutes Playing Time

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