Shipyard (2nd Edition) Strategy Board Game

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In the 19th Century, the Age of Sails met the Age of Steam, and for a time, ships moved across the ocean under power of both wind and coal. It was an exciting time to run a shipyard! Buy equipment. Hire crew. Build the ships that will power commerce, immigration, and naval supremacy. For centuries, sail boats have ruled the seas, but now the steam engine is beginning to dominate. Shipbuilders are experimenting with new designs, competing for the prestigious Blue Riband, which is awarded to the fastest ship to cross the Atlantic. Their efforts are watched closely by the world’s imperial powers; for the strength of every empire depends on the might of its commercial and military fleet. Forge your legacy, master the seas, and navigate the ever-shifting tides of this engaging game. An ideal choice for a laid-back and enjoyable game night.
•19TH CENTURY: It is an exciting time to run a Shipyard. Found a company. Build a fleet. Show the world that your ships are the fastest, the safest, and the best.
•RUN A SHIPYARD: Build ships, rent a canal, purchase commodities, hire employees, manufacture equipment, recruit a crew, a more! Tons of actions to take in your journey.
•CHANGING OPTIONS: The game is centered around a unique action-selection mechanism with constantly shifting options. Plan ahead, bide your time, then strike when the iron is hot.
•SOLO OR COMPETITIVE PLAY: Designed for 1-4 players, making it an ideal choice for an enjoyable game night or play a session on your own.
•1-4 Players | Ages 14+ | 60-120 Minutes Playing Time

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