Skyrise Board Game | Spatial Auction Game of Area Majority

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The Mayor has enlisted some of humanity's greatest visionaries to help build Skyrise: a magnificent city in the sky, dedicated to art, science, and beauty. But only one artisan can be remembered as the greatest! Prove your genius by using a brilliant spatial auction system to win sites to build in, earning favor across Islands and factions, scoring secret and public objectives, courting mysterious Patrons, and building your own unique Wonder. Skyrise tells an interactive story of a growing cityscape, hard decisions, scarce resources, and ever-rising stakes that will keep you enthralled until the final scores are revealed.
•Skyrise is a game of patience, deduction, and scarcity for players who enjoy tight gameplay and tough decisions.
•RATION YOUR POWER: Each player manages a set of uniquely valued buildings, and must use them wisely to outbid their opponents.
•AUCTION FOR SPACES: New bids land in "adjacent" spaces, creating tense spatial auction chains where you must anticipate your opponents!
•CONTROL THE ISLANDS: Make tough choices between bidding on desirable spaces, or holding back for later to steal control of the islands!
•2-4 Players | Ages 14+ | 30-75 Minutes Playing Time

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