Small Star Empires: The Galactic Divide

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After decades of colonization, the spacefaring races have finally come to the moment where even their own colonized space is not enough. Tensions are rising, as each civilization tries to force its agenda upon the crowded galaxy and fortify its position. Will you accept planets into your Tollaran Republic to build a mighty galactic federation, conquer the galaxy under your Hantal'ar Empire, unite the planets under Ora'Nor, or become the most powerful galactic corporation as the Pern Conglomerate?
•Build battle stations to gain power and use that power to play your civilization's unique abilities!
•A Small Star Empires expansion
•Contains 6 Civilization boards | 12 Wooden battle stations | 4 Sector tiles | 4 Unexplored systems | 4 Player power markers | 8 Player ability markers
•Made in China
•2-4 Players | Ages 13+ | 30 Minutes Playing Time

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