Spaceship Unity - Season 1.1

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Spaceship Unity takes gaming to a whole new level, transforming your home into the spaceship! As recruits of the IPA, i.e. the Interplanetary Alliance, the players experience an extraordinary story full of action and adventure and have to steer their own spaceship, where the exhaust fan turns into a jet engine, the blinds into a protective shield or the bookshelf into a diplomatic database and much more!
•In Spaceship Unity – Season 1.1, the focus is on the story. Like in a TV series, the story continues over several episodes (five in this case).
•Each of them is divided into multiple chapters with branching story paths for a different experience. There is no winning or losing.
•As in real life, the story keeps going no matter how the crew performs.
•However, that doesn't mean the mission is to be taken lightly! After all, the players are the last hope for Galactic Peace and the course of the story will change depending on the players’ success or lack thereof, for better or for worse.
•2-4 Players | Ages 10+ | 60-120 Minutes Playing Time

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