Squid Inc. Board Game

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In Squid, Inc., you play a lowly guppy looking to become the big fish in the compoany. As staff become available, you need to use their clout or get them working for you. Once you have staff placed inside the company, position them carefully, move them up the ladder, and become the Big Fish.
•Each round a potential employee is drawn from the employee deck and added to the unemployed line.
•On your turn, you can choose to either hire someone from the line or sacrifice it for clout.
•You can use that clout to either place your staff in the company or put them to work doing whatever ruthless thing it is they do best.
•But work fast! Once the company fills up, it's time to push your staff harder than ever. Pretty soon, there'll be a reckoning, and whoever has the most clout will be the Big Fish.
•2-4 Players | Ages 14+ | 60 Minutes Playing Time

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