Squishy! RPG: The Halloween Babysitter

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It’s Halloween night. Your parents dropped you off at a friend’s house. You were promised Candy, Costumes, Trick or Treating, but you were abandoned, and left in the care of a very unusual babysitter. She wears a tattered, soiled Halloween costume, and never speaks, but her heavy breathing and the sound of her filthy boots resound through the house. She has given you all chores that must be completed, and rules to follow.
•A new horrifying ordeal for the SQUISHY RPG system.
•Don’t make a sound. Don’t make trouble. Behave yourself.
•If you fail to follow her rules, she will open up her toolbox, and then the hunt will begin.
•Can you escape? Finish her chores and make her leave? Can you keep your cool as her presence causes your house to become more and more haunted?
•Or will you die and become a ghost haunting your friends, doomed to fade into a strange world full of predatory spirits and shocking secrets?

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