Star Scrappers: Orbital

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Before the great Terraforming Mars, Jacob Fryxelius created a card game called Space Station. This design already showed his unique style and love for engine building card games. Over the years, the game has evolved, the mechanics got streamlined and updated, and Hexy Studio has now given it a completely new theme and artwork, proudly presenting as Star Scrappers: Orbital!
•SPACE PLANNING ON TABLETOP: You start your station with just a core module on the table, then over five years (rounds) you expand it by adding new module cards, following very specific connection patterns. Each year you start with a five-card hand, crew tokens and new funds, with the amount of crew and money determined by the structure of your space station. You use money to pay for actions and new modules, and the crew let you trigger special effects on many of your cards.
•SMOOTH & DYNAMIC GAMEPLAY: During one year, the players take turns performing actions such as building, using modules, playing event cards, repairing, etc. When everyone passes, the year ends and victory points are awarded. There are six kinds of modules and for each kind, the player with the most modules of that kind is awarded a victory point.
•RICH SCI-FI UNIVERSE: Star Scrappers is an original science-fiction setting, created and developed by Hexy Studio. Take part in a struggle between powerful corporations, make use of amazing technology, meet various alien races, and achieve eternal glory by building the biggest, best, and most beautiful space station the worlds have ever seen!
•UNIQUE SOLO EXPERIENCE: Star Scrappers: Orbital can also be played as a solitaire game in as many as two different ways. If you are more into peaceful development and enjoying the growth of your own creation, choose the peace mode. And if you want to experience a feeling of fierce rivalry while playing alone, just employ the bot players version and get prepared for an attack!
•1-5 Players | Ages 10+ | 60 Minutes Playing Time

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