Star Trek: Attack Wing - Romulan Faction Pack - Secrets of the Tal Shiar

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Cloak yourself in the shadows as you explore the Secrets of the Tal Shiar and Shinzon’s rise to power! Take Command of four special cloaked versions of four different Romulan ships: A Reman Warbird, a Romulan Scout vessel, as well as a D’Deridex-class and a Valdore-type vessel, as you uncover the Secrets of the Tal Shiar faction pack for Star Trek Attack Wing!
•With Secrets of the Tal Shiar, you'll add memories to your gaming experience!
•Add the Tal Shiar’s most notorious operatives to your captains and crew, including Koval, Rekar, and Lovok.
•You’ll also find powerful new upgrades and new ambassadors like Vreenak, providing more ways to integrate the Tal Shiar’s ruthlessly efficient tactics into your fleet!
•The four included plastic ships use a dark translucent plastic with shiny particles, allowing your cloaked ships to disappear among the stars!

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