Star Wars: Age of Rebellion RPG - Beginner Game


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Jump right into the action with the Age of Rebellion Beginner Game! This set features a complete adventure, pre-made character folios, maps, tokens, and a simplified core rulebook that lets you open the box and start playing! The adventure is designed to teach people new to roleplaying (or just new to Star Wars: Roleplaying) how the game works as they play, so there’s very little time spent learning the rules beforehand. Then, once the adventure is done, the game contains material to continue playing new adventures in the heart of the rebellion against the Empire.
•PERFECT ENTRY TO STAR WARS: The Age of Rebellion Beginner Game is your ideal introduction to the Star Wars: Age of Rebellion roleplaying world, suitable for all skill levels.
•LEARN-AS-YOU-GO ADVENTURE: Open the box and immerse yourself in a complete learn-as-you-go adventure. Join the Rebel Alliance in their battle against the mighty Galactic Empire.
•PRE-GENERATED CHARACTER FOLIOS: Access rules at your fingertips with pre-generated character folios, making gameplay smooth and accessible.
•CUSTOM DICE SYSTEM: Engage in thrilling gameplay with custom dice, and experience a narrative-driven system where every roll shapes your epic Star Wars story.
•IMMERSIVE GALACTIC ADVENTURE: From your very first roll, you'll be part of the Rebel Alliance, fighting desperately against the Empire. The Star Wars universe awaits!

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