Star Wars: Armada - Dial Pack

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Further expand your fleets with the Star Wars: Armada Dial Pack! Within this pack, you’ll find ten command dials and seven speed dials to use with your ships as well as additional copies of pass and round tokens, giving you expanded access to these essential components.
•EXPAND YOUR FLEET: Enhance your Star Wars: Armada experience with the Dial Pack, providing 10 command dials and 7 speed dials to bolster your fleet.
•ESSENTIAL COMPONENTS: Ensure smooth gameplay with 5 pass tokens and 6 round tokens, granting you easy access to crucial components during intense battles.
•COMMAND WITH PRECISION: Plan your strategies and maneuvers with precision by having an ample supply of command dials and speed dials at your disposal.
•FLEET EXPANSION: Whether you're a seasoned admiral or a newcomer, this pack allows you to expand and diversify your fleet, opening up new tactical possibilities.
•READY FOR BATTLE: With additional dials and tokens, you'll be well-prepared to navigate the galaxy's challenges and engage in epic Star Wars battles.

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